Hand scissoring finishes are usually requested by the owners wanting a simple trim and tidy or for the most intricate and extravagant style. once the style and finish has been discussed at the inital consultation we then get down to the hard work of shaping your canine into the perfect shape
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    brushout Regular brushing helps maintain the dog's coat between full grooms ensuring mats and tangles don't build up and also prevent dead hair from accumulating, This service is open to all breeds    
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    Nail & ear care An essential service Requested by the majority of pet owners this method is most popular as it is the quickest of the grooming process, so ensuring the dog is on the table for the least time as possible thus causing the minimum amount of stress to the dog
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    Hand stripping  of some breeds can be accommodated this is a very long and slow process and repeat visits might be necessary as its unfair for your dog to stand for an extremely long period of time and can prove quite stressful if the dog is not used to the type of treatment
    We would also advise our customers to bring their dog in on a regular basis, roughly every 6 months, depending on the breed, this way there is less hair loss and the dog remains smart all of the time rather than twice a year which some breeders recommend due to the natural shedding times spring and autumn

    Your dog is placed in our purpose built bath with a stepping block to assist larger dogs. Your dog will be bathed with the best shampoos available all with contain fruit extracts and nutrients to rejuvenate your dogs natural shine.
    If appropriate for your breed it will also receive a conditioning wash, which will make their coat silky soft and help loosen any mats that they might have and also helping to prevent more occurring between grooms

    Clipping and trimming Generally, this method of grooming requested by the majority of pet owners. This method is most popular as it is the quickest of the grooming process, ensuring the dog is on the table for the least time as possible thus causing the minimum amount of stress to the dog. There is a huge variety of blades all at various lengths requested by the owners with the finish style lasting longer
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    Gland car is available, but only at the owner's request as it can lead to a dependency on always having to be manually assisted .
    Symptoms of your dog needing this done may be chewing on its leg sometimes leading to hair loss and the comical signs of watching your dog scooting around on its bottom trying to provide some relief and possible express himself another common symptoms is a vile fishy smell
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  • This is hands down, the best groomers in Belfast! From the front door to the back of the building, every detail has been carefully considered to create a professional, yet dog friendly atmosphere. We've been using K9 Grooming for almost two and a half years now and every time we drop off our pup has proved to be almost like a day out for him. Amy & Craig run a very tight ship here, with a brand of honesty and mirth that is refreshing. Over the past coupe of years we couldn't count how many people (many dog groomers included) who have complimented our pups cut.

    Pascal Mclaughlin
  • Excellent Service and great advice on grooming and dog health. Always friendly and genuine love for our furry friends.

    Simon clarke
  • Fantastic Service, who doe an amazing job every time with our cocker spaniel. So much care and attention given. Couldn't recommend enough.

    Ryan Hoy


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