Studio Rules

A few Studio Rules We hope these rules do not sound too harsh but unfortunately they have to be adhered to

Arrive on time
any more than 15minutes late and you appointment will be cancelled. You may also incur a £10 fee. All appointments must be cancelled with 24hrs notice.
No bitches on heat
No bitches on heat can be accepted, as it is unhygienic and unfair on all male dogs entering
Dogs must be kept under control
Dogs must be kept under control – please keep your dog on a lead at all times, lock your flexi lead.
Do not allow your dog to urinate
Do not allow your dog to urinate in our studio- if he is a male and sniffing around the furniture he is more than likely going to try and mark it. Keep a close eye on him. Persistant piddlers may be barred.
Bad behaviour
Bad behaviour - dogs that persistently bite and scratch will not be groomed by us. We are not here to be injured by your dog, also bad behaviour increases the chance of your dog being injured.
reasonable condition
Try to keep your dog in reasonable condition – the dogs groom is determined by his condition. Unfortunately if your dog is matted, felted or very tatty it leaves no option but to take it short. We cannot do 8weeks worth of brushing in the time allocated for your dog, its also very unfair on your dog.
distract dogs
Do not approach or distract dogs whilst they are on the table being groomed- some may not be as nice as your own and also it can risk an injury to the dog
Children must be kept under control and are not permitted to wander round the studio.